How I met “The One”

I live in Oregon… My fiancé is from New York. When people hear that, their first question is always, “Well how the heck did you meet him?!” We like to joke that our love story could be made into a movie, with a “meet cute” written for the big screen, but I’ll let you decide for yourself! 😉

It was a Saturday night in June during Fleet Week 2014 in Portland, OR. Some friends and I had planned to grab a drink downtown that night, joking that “we might find a cute sailor” for me. (I NEVER thought we actually would!) Longer story short, while the waiter at the bar was trying to convince me to go liven up the dance floor, I was telling him that I didn’t have anyone to dance with! That’s when a sailor, all dressed in that classic white uniform, walked by. I didn’t even see his face, but told the water, “I’ll dance with that guy…” The waiter tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Hey man.. she wants to dance with you.” That’s when my now fiancé looked at him, looked at me, and (without even blinking) held out his hand and led me to the dance floor.

We ended up dancing and talking for the rest of the night, made plans to go on an official date the next day, and even though he left the day after that… we knew it wasn’t over! We kept in touch fell in love over the next two months mostly via email (crazy, I know), but also through texts, phone calls, and FaceTime. (We like to joke that our second date was a five-hour FaceTime call… ha!) When his ship finally pulled back into San Diego, where he’s stationed, I jumped on a plane and went to see if what we had was as real as we thought it was.

It was.

We’ve been a long-distance couple for two whole years now, both of us flying back and forth all over the country to see each other and meet each other’s families.

I will FINALLY be moving to San Diego when he gets back from deployment, and we’ll be getting married in June of 2017. We couldn’t be more excited!!!

Part 1 of our first date: He gave me a tour of his Navy ship! (I was that girl.. sneaking photos of him..) June 2014
Our first weekend together in San Diego! August 2014


SD Zoo date! August 2014

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