How he “popped the question”

After one year together, I was back in San Diego to celebrate our anniversary. We spent the weekend exploring more of the city, taking fun pictures, and enjoying our limited time together.

As we were getting ready for dinner on Saturday night, I asked him which top I should wear when I casually mentioned, “This is the one I was wearing the night we met!” He voted for that one, of course. (Now I know why!) Then he suggested that we leave a little bit early so we could “take a walk” since the restaurant was on the waterfront in Coronado. Walks by the water are a common thing for us, so I really thought nothing of it.

After we parked the car, we started sauntering by the marina, eventually coming across a cute little gazebo. We sat down under it and enjoyed looking at all of the nice boats, when he started telling me how much I meant to him. You’d think I would have caught on by now, but it was our anniversary and Ben is always saying “lovey-dovey” stuff, so again, I thought nothing of it.

To clue you in a little bit, Ben and I had a running joke that, whenever he’d reference our future together, I’d always tell him, “That’s if I say ‘yes’ to a very important question!” So the only part of his “lovey-dovey” speech that I actually remember is the end, when he said, “That’s if you say ‘yes’ to an important question…”

It wasn’t until he stood up and I saw a little box in his hand that I realized what was happening. The next thing I know, he’s on one knee, asking me to marry him. With eyes full of tears and my hands still covering my face, I managed to say, “YES!” After he put the ring on my finger, and after I shockingly stared at it for a long second, he had to ask, “So… Do I get a kiss now?” It was the perfect, private moment on a perfect day with my perfect man!

Where it all went down! June 13, 2015
DSC_0218 - Version 3.JPG
Engaged! ❤
IMG_5137 - Version 2
Because I know everyone wants to see the ring! 🙂
DSC_0241 - Version 2.JPG
Enjoying our first full day as an engaged couple ❤

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